Meetings are typically held on the third Saturday of the month at the Village at South Farms assisted living facility. Directions are listed below.

The meetings generally have a topic and a guest speaker to guide the discussions. For example, our 2009 calendar included presentations on the psychological effects of a chronic illness, gadgets that make our lives easier (our version of ‘show and tell’), the management and treatment of PD, care giving from the perspective of a daughter/psychologist, the owner of a Connecticut on-line health and wellness products company, dance /movement as a non-pharmaceutical therapy, the ‘Connect-ability’ program, care partner (CP) burnout, legal issues facing the chronically ill, and our ever-popular ‘Open Microphone’ meetings. We also plan several just-for-fun events such as our Summer Fun picnics, neighborhood breakfasts, men’s lunches and ladies lunches, and a golf outing or two.

An integral component of our meetings is the care partner breakout session. Those attending are invited to separate into two groups -- PWPs who stay in one room, and CPs who move to a different room. Discussion flows as the needs of the group dictate. At times some venting occurs, but always there is support and understanding.

Our meetings are publicized via the website and the USPS mail. We send out meeting reminder postcards three weeks prior to the meeting that includes the topic, guest speaker (if any), directions, and contact information.

Our meetings are open to anyone with an interest in or a connection to PD. There is no charge to attend, no r.s.v.p. to return, no future commitment to be tied to. If you have never been to one of our meetings it is recommended that you contact one of the people below prior to the meeting. Things change, and we don’t want you to be inconvenienced.

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Open Microphone Meeting History

During the first few years of its existence, CPWG did not meet in the summer months. The feeling was that everyone would be too busy with family and vacations. We left things that way for several years but at one September meeting there was the overwhelming feeling that we had gone too long between meetings. We needed to be with each other more frequently. With that in mind we started our Summer Fun gatherings, held randomly in July and August. Just social. No agenda. No reports. Location, date and time at the convenience of the host.

This worked, but some felt a need to have regular support group meetings during the summer. Not feeling very confident about how many would come, we tried it and were pleasantly surprised, and we utilized our infamous 'Open Microphone' format.

Next Meeting

The Next CPWG Meeting is November 21.

The police and People With Parkinson's.

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