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The CPWG Newsletter, begun in 2000 by Stan Wertheimer and Jackie Dorwin, co-facilitators of the organization, has become an important element in providing education and support to the Parkinson�s community. Edited by Stan for ten years, it brought to its readers the latest news of important developments in research and the human side of living with PD. In 2010, the Newsletter acquired a new staff under the editorship of Debbie Weinstein with a new �look� by Jean LaGrange, art editor. In 2013, Kendra Hough took over from Debbie as the current editor with assistance from Lisa Burtt.

The Newsletter, published quarterly and mailed to over 400 individuals and institutions, will continue to inform its readership of medical research, clinical trials, and events of interest to people with Parkinson�s and those who live with, care for, or treat people with PD. At the same time, we seek to engage our readers in a dialog through interviews, personal accounts of life with PD, and a �Letters to the Editor� page to encourage a two-way conversation. If you have had experiences that would be of interest to others or have ideas for articles, please contact Kendra.Hough@cpwg.org

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