Meeting Date Program, Speaker(s) Location
3/9/1996 Pro-Active CT Parkinson's Group And Pot Luck Meal, Donna Diaz Hospital of Saint Raphael
3/26/2000 Current Therapies, Mohammed Hassan, MD... Long-term Care Insurance, William T. Glynn Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury
7/22/2000 Current Research, Barbara Fussell, Yale MDC... Importance of Clinical Trials, James O'Malley, Pfizer CT Valley Hospital
10/21/2000 Living with Chronic Illness... Tim & Siobhan Foley... Exercise Nancy Jensen & Frank Grimes... Yoga Judy lovanna... Keyboard Therapy Jon Barlow CT Valley Hospital
1/27/2001 Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), Matt Leyden, Medtronic CT Valley Hospital
3/31/2001 Psychosocial Aspects of SGs, Dr. Ellen Cohn, University of New Hampshire CT Valley Hospital
7/14/2001 Disability Law, Meryl Spat, Attorney CT Valley Hospital
10/13/2001 Discussion of PD, Dr. Toni DeMarcaida CT Valley Hospital
1/1/2002 Meeting cancelled due to weather
4/20/2002 Workshops on PD and Fitness {morning session)...TaiChi Gunilla Morris...Massage Therapy Chaleen Abely, The Right Touch...Physical Therapy PT Staff, Middlesex Memorial Hospital...Neuromuscular Integrative Action Sarah Longhi...The Future of CPWG {afternoon session) CT Valley Hospital
7/20/2002 The Power of Positive Thinking, Danna Jennings, MD... PD and Sex Karen Caplan, MSW CT Valley Hospital
10/19/2002 Business and Brainstorming Meeting CT Valley Hospital
1/18/2003 Primer on Parkinson's Medications DrToni DeMarcaida CT Valley Hospital
2/15/2003 IS Walk West Hartford Reservoir West Hartford CT
3/15/2003 Nutrition and PD Carol Jaynes-Reiss, MS, RD CT Valley Hospital
4/27/2003 Walk Hammonasset State Park Madison CT
5/17/2003 PD Research-The Whole Story, IND staff CT Valley Hospital
7/19/2003 Picnic, Peter & Nancy Oltheten Ellington, CT
9/20/2003 PD, A Naturopathic View, Joshua Levitt, ND CT Valley Hospital
10/18/2003 Ride -- Candles & Butterflies Deerfield MA
11/15/2003 NeuroOptometric Evaluation & Rehabilitation, Dr William Padula CT Valley Hospital
1/17/2004 Open Discussion CT Valley Hospital
3/20/2004 How To Maneuver at Your Doctor's Office, Jill Stranger, office manager CT Valley Hospital
5/15/2004 Planning Ahead: Legal Issues When Faced With Chronic Illness, Whitney Lewendon CT Valley Hospital
7/10/2004 Picnic, Skip & Danielle Komisar Cheshire, CT
8/21/2004 Parkinson Disease Discussion CT Valley Hospital
9/18/2004 Music, A Healing Experience, JudyAnderson... Non-Verbal Communication & PD Terry Deshefy-Longhi CT Valley Hospital
10/16/2004 Inaugural Meeting-On-The-Move, A talk about Parkinson's Disease: Dr John Murphy Newtown (Cyrenius H. Booth) Library
11/20/2004 Workshops: Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), Paul Notar... Speech Pathology, Carol Gracco... Music Therapy, Judy Anderson and Pat Gerace...Yoga Judy lovanna Middlesex Hospital
1/15/2005 Open Discussion Middlesex Hospital
2/19/2005 Perspectives in PD, Dr. Rowena Tabamo & Jeff Lincoln The Gables at Farmington
3/19/2005 From Wheelchair To Walking, Debbie MacKenzie Middlesex Hospital
4/9/2005 Freewheeling with Dr. Toni, Dr. Toni DeMarcaida Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, New London
5/21/2005 Show & Tell Middlesex Hospital
8/3/2005 Golf Outing Portland West C.C. Portland CT
8/7/2005 Carepartners Appreciation Picnic, Chatfield Hollow S.P. Killingworth CT
8/15/2005 Rain or Shine Picnic, Pat Gerace Madison CT
9/17/2005 You & Your PD Medications, Michael Higgins Middlesex Hospital
10/15/2005 Medicare Part D, Jane Olson Guilford VNA
11/19/2005 A discussion on care-giving: no speaker Middlesex Hospital
1/21/2006 Panel Presentation CPWG participants Middlesex Hospital
3/18/2006 World Parkinson Congress, Rhona Johnson Middlesex Hospital
3/25/2006 Illness and The Soul Seminar, Ed Lynch Hamden CT
4/1/2006 East Coast Assistance Dog Program Middlesex Comm.College Middletown CT
4/15/2006 Sleep & PD Tom Sullivan Wallingford CT
5/20/2006 Dinner and Dancing: Adaptive equipment & techniques Mary McCarthy, OT... Line Dancing, Bob McGinnis & Friends Middlesex Hospital
7/8/2006 Summer Fun Picnic, Gary Thomas Guilford CT
7/29/2006 Montross' First Annual Picnic, Dick & Karen Montross Killingworth CT
8/10/2006 Golf Outing Portland West C.C. Portland CT
9/16/2006 Home Renovations, Nancy Benedict & John Murphy Windham Hospital, Willimantic
11/18/2006 Caregiving: The New Balancing Act, JaneOlson Middlesex Hospital
1/13/2007 Open Forum Middlesex Hospital
2/17/2007 Redefining Wellness/Glyconutrition George Moore, MD & Deborah Stegmaier, PT Leever Cancer Center, Waterbury
3/3/2007 Parkinson's Disease Research in CT The Vital Role of Clinical Trials: John Murphy, MD & Danna Jennings, MD & Mohamed N. Hassan, MD & Bahman Jabbari, MD UConn Health Center, Farmington
4/14/2007 Travels with Kate, Kate Oberlin Manchester Memorial Hospital
5/19/2007 PWP and Carepartners, doctor appointments, robots Middlesex Hospital
7/28/2007 Montross' Second Annual Picnic, Dick & Karen Montross Killingworth CT
9/15/2007 Advocacy for the Hospitalized PWP, Maureen Lopes Middlesex Hospital
10/20/2007 Non-Motor Aspects of PD David Russell, MD Yale campus, New Haven
11/17/2007 PD and Exercise, Tracy Godwin-Randolph Middlesex Hospital
1/19/2008 Open Forum Middlesex Hospital
2/16/2008 Open Forum Encore Middlesex Hospital
3/15/2008 Surgical Therapies for PD, Joan Miravite, Medtronic Middlesex Hospital
4/19/2008 Celebration for Terry Deshefy-Longhi
5/3/2008 PD Research in the 21st Century, In Search of the Cure: Ira Shoulson, MD & David Rowe, MD & Andrew Feigin, MD Central CT State University, New Britain
5/17/2008 Business meeting with a care-partners 'break-out' session Middlesex Hospital
6/21/2008 Board of Directors Retreat Mercy Center Madison, CT
7/26/2008 Montross' Third Annual Picnic, Dick & Karen Montross Killingworth CT
8/2/2008 Regular SG meeting Middlesex Hospital
8/23/2008 Picnic at Gary Thomas' home in Indian Cove Guilford CT
9/20/2008 PD and Physical Therapy; Lee Silverman Voice Therapy, etc Suzanne Osborne, Sylvia Reis-Fisher Middlesex Hospital
10/19/2008 DBS Medtronic, Meeting on the Move Danbury Hospital
11/15/2008 'Shake Your Soul' with Katie Tranzillo Middlesex Hospital
1/17/2009 'Open Mike', Everyone speaks Middlesex Hospital
2/21/2009 Connect-Ability a CT state service agency, Kerry Fredette; a wellnes products internet company, Linda Morasutti Middlesex Hospital
3/21/2009 Dancing at Vinnie's Jump And Jive, Katie Tranzillo Middletown CT
4/18/2009 The Emotional and Psychological Effects of a Chronic Illness: Dr. Pat Barry, PHD, APRN Central CT State Univ
6/20/2009 The Management and Treatment of Parkinson's Disease: Dr Toni de Marcaida Wesleyan Univ, Middletown, CT
8/15/2009 Open Mike: Jerry Levine facilitator Middlesex Hospital
9/26/2009 Taking Care of You and Your Loved One; Caregiver Burn-out: Jane Olsen Middlesex Hospital
10/17/2009 Legal Issues With Chronic Illness: Whitney Lewendon, Attorney Middlesex Hospital
11/21/2009 Life with Pop, Lessons on Caring for an Aging Parent: Janis Abrahms Spring Middlesex Hospital
1/16/2010 Open Forum Middlesex Hospital
2/20/2010 'Board Games' - playing games & puzzles for mind stimulation: Tom Sullivan Middlesex Hospital
3/20/2010 Reiki and Parkinson's - Complimentary Treatment: Clarke Bassett Middlesex Hospital
4/17/2010 Massage Therapy: Scott Raymond Middlesex Hospital
5/15/2010 Yoga: Judy Iovanna Middlesex Hospital
6/19/2010 Chiropractic medicine: Jennifer Veit, DC Middlesex Hospital
7/17/2010 Open Mike: Tom Sullivan facilitator Middlesex Hospital
8/21/2010 Open Mike: Tom Sullivan facilitator Middlesex Hospital
10/16/2010 Positive Attitude: Tom Sullivan - Stress: Marlynn Block Middlesex Hospital
11/20/2010 Older citizens legal responsibilities and procedures: Michael Fitzpatrick Middlesex Hospital
1/15/2011 Open Mike Forum Middlesex Hospital
2/19/2011 'Board Games' - playing games & puzzles for mind stimulation: Jackie Dorwin Middlesex Hospital
3/19/2011 Open Mike: Jackie Dorwin facilitator Middlesex Hospital
4/16/2011 Annual Meeting & Solving Everyday Problems: Tom Sullivan facilitator Middlesex Hospital
5/21/2011 Tai Chi class: Tom Cushing Middlesex Hospital
6/18/2011 West Haven Veteran's Administration Hospital Programs: Dr. Diana Richardson Middlesex Hospital
7/16/2011 Open Mike Middlesex Hospital
8/20/2011 Open Mike Middlesex Hospital
10/15/2011 Planning for CPWG's Future: Tom Sullivan facilitator Middlesex Hospital
2/25/2012 Open Mike: Andy Weatherwax facilitator Middlesex Hospital
3/17/2012 Tips, Tricks and Gadgets for Living Well With PD : Andy Weatherwax facilitator Middlesex Hospital
4/21/2012 Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, and T'ai Chi: Katie Peterson, Steven Greenberg, Tom Gushing The Village at South Farms in Middletown
5/19/2012 Open Mike Forum & Book Reviews Middlesex Hospital
6/16/2012 All About Reiki Middlesex Hospital
7/21/2012 Dancing for Joy: Laura Richling Middlesex Hospital
8/16/2012 Open Mike: Andy Weatherwax facilitator Middlesex Hospital
10/20/2012 Genetic Research, 23&me: Karen Zimmer Middlesex Hospital
11/17/2012 Spirituality and Illness: Dennis McCann and Andy Weatherwax Middlesex Hospital